January 28, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Pine Hill Community Center
Pine Hill Community Center

Thursdays 10:00am  – ZOOM.   

to register contact – Sue Wixon on 914-523-8400 or email [email protected]

A note from Celeste Graves, Tai Chi Instructor:

Hello Friends,
Below is an in depth description of the Nov-Dec Qigong I will be sharing on the Pine Hill Community Center platform starting Nov 5. We will zoom for 3 Thursdays in Nov and 3 Thursdays in December, taking us up to those respective holidays, and reconvening January 7. We will determine then if we want to return to a stronger focus on tai chi, continue our focus with qigong for health, or find a way to do both.

If you are new to Pine Hill Community Center, please contact Sue Wixon to register for this program. [email protected]
The programs are supported by participants’ donations.
Please contact me if you have any further questions. I hope you will be joining me in this special program.

(Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM.)

Strengthening our Respiratory System, Fortifying Our Immunity,
Reducing Stress, Increasing Energy, Freeing its Flow,

1) Opening Breath and Movement Meditations
2) Relaxing/Loosening Swings – connecting with ease and effortlessness
3) Opening, Stretching, Lubricating the Joints
4) Opening the Meridians (unblocking energy channels)
5) Activating the Qi. (Bouncing)
6) Energy Replenishing (with Wudong grounding.)
Cleansing Breath 1
Cleansing Breath 2
Gathering from Cosmos
Gathering from Earth
Gathering from Living Bio-Sphere
7) Energy Refining and Projecting
(Circulating, moving, directing the Qi)

1. Arms Rise and Fall
2. Legs Rise and Fall
3. Open and Close Hands
4. Arms Rise, Open, Close, Fall
5. Spiral Forward and Backward (Swinging Arms, 1 forward, 1 backward)
6. Spiral Side to Side with Ball. 3 sizes.
7. Ripple to the Sides
8. Ripple Forward and Return
9. Project Out and Grasp Back
10. Double Push,Withdraw and Collect

8.) Closing Section:
Harvesting the Benefits


The above-noted Qigong Practice for Self Care was originally taught to me by Sifu Dan Jones in June of 2017, Ashville, NY, and again, in 2018 in Highland, NY. Over time, my personal understandings have deepened, and I continue to receive teachings and am influenced by other renowned qigong teachers and masters and by my personal experiences and discoveries from the practice of qigong itself.
As full and complete as I originally felt the above practice to be, I have since found that we can go beyond Harvesting the Benefits. We can purposefully and directly guide and deliver our exquisitely formulated personal qi medicine to the places in our bodies where it is most needed. In addition, the inclusion of friendly, respectful, and deliberate attention to our internal organs is extremely important if we are interested in a truly “comprehensive” health plan. And lastly, for now, we want to become familiar with our protective “wei qi” field and how to keep it strong and effective in its function as our first line of defense against pathogens, impurities, and undesirables of all kinds.
I pass this glorious and supremely enjoyable practice on to you in good faith and encourage you to make it your own. Let it guide you as it does me, onto
a path to your true self. Practicing with others or in solitude we can strengthen in the recognition of ourselves as our own healing Chief of Staff.

Celeste Graves, MA; C-IAYT; Senior Trainer, Tai Chi for Health Institute.
Updated October, 2020. Saugerties, NY.